About the Artist

meet Hailey Thompson

Watercolorwoods was born out of the mind and hands of Hailey Thompson, a 24 year old artist and adventurer living in South Central Alaska. Her work is a reflection of her joyful soul and colorful experiences, which often is what draws people to the vibrant watercolors she produces. Hailey has spent time driving ships in South East Alaska, deriving inspiration from 18-hour long solstice days, quiet rainforests of ancient Sitka Spruce and Yellow Cedar, plump wildflowers drenched in rainfall, and fat spawning salmon. Recently, she relocated to the massive snow-capped peaks of the Chugach and Alaska Ranges, and has been painting from a place of roaring turquoise rivers, powder-coated glaciers, spouting whales and ocean waves. Her passion for art has permeated her entire life, but has had to coexist with her love of the ocean, whitewater rivers, deep powder snow, books with dog-eared pages, and chipped mugs of tea.

Hailey is passionately conscientious about the process, and has worked to make Watercolorwoods a small-scale, high quality business which focuses on sustainably producing meaningful art grounded in experience, and marketing products which utilize environmentally responsible production methods. She personally produces and packages her prints, and works with small businesses throughout the US to produce her merchandise.